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28-30 Houndsditch, London, EC3A 7DB


Moonshine Saloon, combining immersive theatre with a world-class cocktail drinking experience, transports all guests from the streets of East London to the streets of the Wild West on the promise of making a fortune in an illicit moonshine smuggling operation at the top of its game.

A visit to Moonshine Saloon will see you become a part of the story as you bring your own liquor and become the beating heart of a covert liquor operation led by the self-styled King of the Moonshiners, Clyde Cassidy. With the Law previously coming close to catching Cassidy, the Saloon makes the perfect meet-point for new outlaws to join the Gang and learn the art of smuggling and supplying illicit liquor during the Great American Frontier. Within the Saloon, outlaws can rub shoulders with the local's, try their luck at cards or dice games or perhaps be trusted enough to receive a close-up inspection of Cassidy's notorious Moonshine Distillery. 

With the Saloon in the centre of city-slicker territory in East London, discretion from visitors is paramount so the local Tailor will ensure you look like the locals and don’t attract any unwanted attention from the Sheriff or any other bandits passing through the Saloon. With the Sheriff having come close to catching Cassidy before, a tip-off about the true covert nature of the Saloon may just be the opportunity to find evidence to see Cassidy's empire crumble. Don’t go wagging your tongue when the Sheriff starts asking questions or you may just blow the whole operation. 


Throughout the experience, visitors are served bespoke, delicious cocktails that are expertly prepared by a world-class team of barkeeps who combine your illegally smuggled liquor with bitters, syrups, liqueurs and garnishes to make bespoke, contemporary and classic cocktails. 

Created by Inventive Productions, Moonshine Saloon is one part of a trilogy of experiences that establish the legend of the Cassidy's, a family of pirates, bootleggers and criminals. The other parts of the trilogy include the must-visit Alcotraz- the world’s first prison-themed cocktail experience, where Clyde Cassidy eventually serves time for his crimes, along with Pirates of The Hidden Spirit, where Clyde's ancestor stole $2million in gold that fuelled their family empire. 

"London's largest immersive cocktail experience"

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Available for hire 7 days a week

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